Agile Activity Systems is like no other fitness system. It was specially designed to encourage a moderate activity level in seniors, prevent falls, and meet the needs of physiotherapists. The system’s main purpose is to help seniors improve their balance and gain better mobility in order to reduce their risk of falls. However, the system is also a great social and multi-generational activity center where seniors can play with their peers or their grandchildren. As well, many physiotherapists use the system as an assessment tool and rehab activity center that can facilitate post-injury training and exercise. In other words, the system can be used by seniors for several purposes at your facility, such as:
  • Moderate exercise
  • Fall prevention assessment and training
  • Rehabilitation and motor skill development
  • Entertainment, play and fun
  • Social interaction 
  • Multi-generational activities

What differentiates our product from others’ is the ability 
to give our clients 100% flexibility in picking their activity 
accessories so they can design the structure according 
to their available space and/or budget. Our unique 
structure and connector system makes our production 
faster and cheaper. Plus, installation is a task that can 
be performed by anyone – no technical skills required. 
The unique structure minimizes issues Made during 
production which can result in a complicated installation process.
Agile's one-of-a-kind, powder coated aluminum posts and connectors allow any of our 50 accessories to be easily connected either horizontally or vertically. With 11 motion path configurations and more than 40 different static, dynamic and game accessories, clients can mix and match the 50 accessories to create more than 500 different combinations that best fit their individual facility’s needs, their available space and budget, or their residents’ physical ability levels. 

Furthermore, with Agile’s unique post and connector system, physiotherapists or users can easily adjust the vertical, horizontal and angular positioning of each accessory, depending on their individual patient’s height, physical ability or comfort level. 

By allowing these changes you we increase the user’s exercise benefits as each routine can be performed standing and/or sitting. Since not all your patients or senior residents are Our system’s flexibility means an increase in the user’s exercise benefits, as each routine can be performed standing and/or sitting. Since not all your patients or senior residents are alike, each accessory may be adjusted to their individual needs, consequently maximizing the benefits of the exercise routine. 

No other system in the marketplace offers such an important feature. Other systems were designed to be "one system fits all." Only Agile Activity Systems provides you with the flexibility to meet everyone’s exercise needs. However, if you wish to use the system for moderate exercise and entertainment, you can set it at an average positioning for general use.

Agile Activity Systems is constructed out of three main elements:

1. Unique integrated main posts and our patented bolting mechanism.
2. Aluminum connectors that can easily connect all our accessories to the posts. 
3. More than 50 different accessories or activity components.

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