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Agile Activity Systems is part of a large family of unique and innovative companies. Agile Recreational Systems, Agile Activity Systems, Agile Fitness Systems and Junk2Gym to name few. For more than 12 years, we’ve been working in the health and wellness industry. We’ve designed, developed and distributed many fitness, wellness, nedical and senior-related products, from special walking canes and bone-density scanning services to special outdoor fitness products designed with seniors in mind. 

During this time, we’ve worked with a variety of manufacturers and service providers and been in touch with countless of professionals who work with seniors. Lately, we’ve recognized a growing interest in the field of fall prevention, but when we investigated what the market has to offer, we were surprised to learn about the lack of products available. We also were surprised to learn that the products currently available are very unfit to serve the ever-changing senior market. 

With that in mind and with the comments we’ve received from hundreds of professionals including nurses, physiotherapists and fall prevention specialists, we designed and built our advanced activity systems. 

Agile Activity Systems truly is like no other. It was especially designed to encourage a moderate activity level in seniors, reduce the risk of falls, and meet the needs of physiotherapists. The system’s main purpose is to help senior’s improve their balance and gain better mobility in order to reduce their risk of falls. However, the system is also a great social and multi-generational activity center where seniors can play with their peers or their grandchildren. Many physiotherapists use the system as an assessment tool and rehab activity center that can facilitate post-injury training and exercise.

What differentiates us from others is our ability to give our clients 100% flexibility in picking their activity accessories and designing the structure according to their available space and/or budget. Our team also welcomes the opportunity to work with you and develop additional accessories and products that we currently don’t carry. If you have special needs or ideas that can serve the senior market, we would be more than happy to hear from you.  

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