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Agile Activity Systems is like no other seniors’ fitness system. As we like to say, we didn’t reinvent
the wheel; we just made it better – much better.

Before we started our design process, we investigated two manufacturers from Europe and one from North America currently offering similar products to seniors. We noted their product strengths as well as their weaknesses. We also spoke with a wide range of potential clients and listened to their needs and wants. We also worked closely with medical professionals who explained their needs and concerns when it comes to working with seniors and others with limited mobility.

Only then did we start to design our products. As a result, we built a system that is by far the best, safest and most modular product you can buy.

Furthermore, we have designed Agile Activity Systems so it allows our clients to customize it to their available space, budget and users’ needs. Agile is not another "one product that fits all." Rather, it is a variety of unique accessories that can be combined into many different systems – our users and clients can “mix and match” these accessories depending on their available space, budget and users’ needs.

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