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Agile Activity Systems is like no other. The system can function and benefit many markets, as well as a range of departments in our clients’ facilities.

Here is how one of our clients has described our system:

"This is a very unique tool. Our facility uses it in variety of ways:

Our fitness instructors use it to assess our residents’ balance, mobility and overall physical abilities, and later they provide each individual with a custom circuit and exercise routine that addresses their issues, with a goal towards maintaining or improving their deficiencies.

Our fall prevention program manager now has a very beneficial tool to execute their activity program. Two months ago, we were using chairs as part of our program—now we have an incredible tool to work with.

Our physiotherapists use the activity system as part of their rehabilitation process. Being outdoors adds a new level of sensory input they don't get indoors. The sun, fresh air and the many outdoor noises they are exposed during the rehab process really increase the benefit each patient gets. We found that it’s easier to engage and excite seniors to participate in the rehabilitation process when we add a layer of fun and playful experience to the what perceived as intimidating process in an clinical environment.

Our entertainment folks use the facility as a social activity. Every facility offers the opportunity to play cards, watch TV and participate in other great activities indoors, but providing unique activities outdoors really changed the game for us in regard to engagement and excitement."

Please contact us and let us explain why Agile Activity Systems is the right product for your facility.

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