Research* has shown that the benefits of intergenerational play are exponential. Play enables individuals to learn about themselves and the world, stimulates mind and body, builds bonds, fosters greater imagination and supports all stages of development. What comes to mind when you hear the word play? Certainly children, as “play is children’s work.” However, play benefits all ages, from children to older adults, and is essential to well-being.

Children and adults who play together discover
a world beyond themselves, engendering
respect for each other’s individual’s knowledge,
strengths and values. Both learning and
enjoyment soar as they play. Research* shows
that children who play with adults demonstrate
greater creativity and higher levels of language
and problem solving skills than when playing
solely with other children.

For older adults, play has psychological and
health benefits, reducing stress, promoting
relaxation, and giving perspective to the
demands of life. Building and maintaining
relationships via play is associated with better
mental health, decreased incidence of disease
and disability, and increased survival. During play,
intergenerational shared site facilities observe
positive changes in mood and higher engagement
even among frail elders.

Agile Activity Systems was designed so
grandparents can play with their grandchildren.
We designed our system and accessories to
meet all the safety standards required for kids to play.

Agile Activity Systems is a great product to facilitate mutigenerational activities.

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