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We believe that the strength of a company is the sum of its partnerships and alliances. Our clients generate our revenue, but our partners is the foundation of our success.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with organizations and associations that share our goals and philosophy. Our goal is to improve senior’s lives so they can live healthier and longer. We have not developed any rules or policies in regard to whom we should partner with, because as an innovative company we wish to keep our options and opportunities open. We encourage you to give us a call and discuss opportunities. A lot of beautiful things have started with a simple conversation.

Our goal is to find ways to collaborate with another organization so we both can benefit from a long-term relationship. The benefits we seek are not just financial; we seek partnerships that can help both organizations increase their credibility and market awareness, along with those who wish to collaborate on researching seniors’ health and falls—all the way to organizations with whom we can network with and share experiences. All are welcome.

Here are some of the companies and organizations we are seeking partnerships with:
  • Medical institutions for research and R&D
  • Insurance companies
  • Senior-related associations
  • Health-related associations and organizations
  • Physiotherapy companies and associations, and individual physiotherapists
  • Suppliers of related senior products for cross promotions, distribution and/or R&D
  • Seniors home chains
  • Senior-related brands

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