We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just made it better – much better.

Agile’s unique posts and connectors differentiate us from the competition. Only Agile Activity Systems allow users and caregivers to adjust the height, distance and angular positioning of the accessories.

Agile’s mission is to help reduce the risk of falls among seniors, and as such we must
consider the fact that some users may have limited mobility, a balance deficit, or motion-range limitations. Some will also use the unit for rehabilitation and post-injury exercise purposes, so they may start at a lower level but need the product to be flexible as they progress through rehabilitation.

Our competitors provide you with one system that “fits
all.” Only Agile Activity Systems allow you the most
Flexibility to change the system and customize it to
your users’ needs and physical abilities.

Our unique posts and connectors also allow us to 
design a custom system that fits your space and budget.

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Aluminum post top view
100% flexibility that allows you to change the height, distance and angular positioning of all accessories.
Our patented nut allows you to easily change its position and place it along the post. The sprint ball on the back will hold the nut in place so you don't have to hold it while you reposition it. Later, the bolt will secure it in place until you wish to remove, reposition or replace the accessory.
Single post with 4 connectors. 4 different accessories can fit on one post.
If space is an issue - 3 single posts with 4 connectors each.
With the above systems, we can create literally any combination that will fit your space and budget. With that in mind, we will work with your professional staff and physiotherapists to determine which accessories will best suite your residents.

Call us to find out how we can help you enhance your facility.

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Aluminum Connector
  • Butterfly bolts for ease of change height, distance or angular positioning
  • Vandalism proof bolts if installed at public park
Single arm with 10 connectors. 10 different accessories can fit on one arm. 10 feet long.
Double arm with 12 connectors. 12 different accessories can fit on one arm + a walking path accessory such as a balance beam can fit in between the arms. 10 feet long.