Post-injury rehabilitation is a crucial process for the well-being of the individual. But it can also contribute to the efficiency of your facility staff. Injured seniors are often scared and as such they move slower if at all. It is recommended that patients be empowered to establish and pursue individualized goals and self-manage their health and well-being.

Agile Activity Systems is a unique tool that can help you assist patients in transitioning from the medical environment back to normal daily activities by improving the their balance, range of motion, and mobility—but most importantly, by improving their confidence.

How to utilize the Agile Activity Systems:
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Your staff and physiotherapists can utilize Agile Activity Systems as an tool that assesses function and mobility. Assessing patients in clinical environment can potentially cause seniors to feel uncomfortable and intimidated, and as such their motion and participation won’t be natural, which can affect the accuracy of the assessment process.
  • By observing your patients play using Agile Activity Systems, you will be able to immediately recognize issues such as balance, stability, coordination and a limited range of motion. Agile Activity Systems was designed to engage seniors, allowing them to act more naturally.
  • With your assessment, you will be able to address the issues and use the system as a training tool to enhance the physical, cognitive, functional and psycho-social skills of your patients.
  • With Agile Activity Systems, you’ll be able to provide your patients with a customized post-injury rehabilitation training routine, as well as transfer techniques, balance and gait exercise. You’ll also help improve their coping skills, maximize potential recovery and optimize function.
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